A. (verte) wrote,

My big list of good things

Everybody should do this! I stole it from ultraruby

Make a list of 100 things you like in no particular order. Avoid the obvious (significant other, cake...) and be completely honest with yourself. If you try to think of things that you are curious about and inspired by, you'll end up discovering a lot about yourself and in doing so developing a sort of bank of your interests and ideas.

1. sleeping next to windows when it's raining, so I wake up with wet hair
2. on the info, but: everything about the word 'darkling'
3. re-reading children's books now I'm (more) grown up
4. washing filthy hands
5. playing with other people's fingers
6. being kissed on the forehead
7. feeling childlike
8. kneading dough
9. crisp £10 notes
10. slurping boiling hot soup
11. sending silly emails back and forth (especially when my laptop could come to bed with me. RIP.)
12. wearing corsets just a smidgen too tight to be comfortable...
13. ... and finding my body adjusts to the extra strain
14. gradually making myself more flexible
15. when my hair occasionally goes into perfect ringlets
16. Martin Jarvis reading 'Just William'
17. singing very loudly walking along the street
18. being hugged violently by athenemiranda
19. reading aloud to other people (doing LOTS of voices)
20. having more than one new text message to read at the end of lectures
21. drawing eyes
22. being loud-happy-drunk with people I like
23. jumping into cold water after hot water
24. acupuncture!
25. listening to My Bloody Valentine in Leeds
26. trying to mimic accents
27. close-reading poetry
28. imagining fucking famous dead people (when they were alive!)
29. finding perfect birthday presents for people six months in advance
30. massaging people's temples
31. violet wands up my spine
32. controlling my temper
33. holding hands, swinging arms
34. hearing Daisy sing in the kitchen
35. in-jokes I'm a part of
36. having hours to look at one painting
37. smelling like bonfire
38. wiping off panda-eyes
39. almost all sandwiches
40. watching comedy when hungover
41. gently mocking/being mocked by people I like
42. understanding difficult theory
43. downloading new songs that make me think "ooooh!"
44. having instantaneous brilliant ideas in exams
45. getting firsts
46. men who remind me of lions
47. my friend Pete actually being Baloo the bear from Disney's cartoon of The Jungle Book
48. holding the door for people
49. mutual second glances
50. imagining how other people would have seen London
51. finding secret greenery in the middle of cities
52. car boot sales
53. wearing big clunky boots with dresses
54. writing my name in sparkler
55. dancing around in thunder storms
56. smiling in the dark in cinemas
57. smiling at the end of Woody Allen films
58. when I beam at people
59. being given reality checks
60. thespy stories about The Business, dahling.
61. bus drivers who open the doors again if someone's about to miss it
62. old ladies with a fantastic fashion sense
63. hearing my mum hoot with laughter to radio 4 plays
64. going to the pub with Ellie after we've been to the theatre
65. reading novels on the tube
66. listening to PJ Harvey on trains
67. coming home from music festivals
68. being called 'Lex or Alexandra
69. when my brother still sucks his thumb and hugs his blankie
70. being told my voice is sexy
71. Kensington Gardens
72. playing the piano for hours, alone in the house
78. eating grapes and melon together
79. still wearing black and not caring
80. paying people I don't know very well compliments
81. getting proper post
82. making imaginary travel plans
83. making small but definite decisions
84. secretly reading high fashion magazines in Borders
85. browsing haute couture collections online and creating make-believe wardrobes
86. planning perfect outfits
87. shooooooooooes
88. being pinned down
89. being scared by fairy tales
90. working my ARSE off on something and it all paying off
91. anything raspberry or cherry flavour
92. strange moments of telepathy
93. orgasm control games
94. sexy pain and fear
95. gadding about fetish clubs and not feeling self-conscious about my body
96. recognising bits from Keith Johnston's 'Impro' in acting classes
97. finishing 'fiendish' Su Dokus and crossword puzzles
98. waking up to find I've slept in
99. loving novels so much I can't bear them ending
100. laughing so much my abdominals ache the next day
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